Marketing, public relations & communications

Marketing Strategies

Our Marketing strategies are more than just an advertising campaign, we look at understanding the business, products and services. We provide advice on not only how to increase sales and awareness, but also on business health and ways to use marketing as a means to ensuring a sustainable and viable business model. We do all this by aligning the strategic objectives of the business with cost effective and outcome driven actions that are measurable and provide a return on investment.

Communications, Public Relations and Media Management

Providing specialist communications advice and day to day management of media enquiries, media releases, key messaging and crisis management issues. Communications is key to the way in which your business is perceived. In the eye of the customer, perception is reality!! So make sure your messaging is right by using the expertise of LAAD Creative. From drafting media releases, writing copy for brochures and websites, through to management of complex crisis management situations. Our consultants can help you with all of your proactive and reactive communications and media needs.

Grants and Award Submission

Specialising in the writing of grant funding applications. Grants and Awards are generally very competitive to receive. Our consultants are experienced in successfully gaining significant State and Federal Grant monies as well as writing national winning award submissions. By using LAAD Creative we can assist you in giving your business the best chance in obtaining grants and recognition through industry awards.