entX WEGHAM investment brochure


About the Project


Project Overview

entX are a nimble technology incubator that generates ideas, builds development partnerships and commercialises breakthrough clean energy and nuclear medicine technologies. Their business will have positive lasting environmental, social and financial impacts on global industry.

LAAD Creative designed, illustrated, produced and supplied printing for an 8 page, full colour investment and information brochure.

The Brief

LAAD Creative began our working relationship with entX in 2022 and have been designing marketing materials for them ever since. We were commissioned to develop, design and produce an update to thier investment brochure that we designed late 2022. The update required a large focus on showing how the operation would look like visually long term. We had meetings to discuss the design direction and set about illustrating two 3D style maps and updating the content, layout and design of the original to suit. New images were chosen to compliment the updated content, and the project took approximately 4 weeks to complete.


After our initial face to face meeting at our office in Unley, we generated concepts for the maps and theses we reviewed and had modification made as per the clients instructions. Concepts for the design and layout were generated and supplied for review, multiple changes to the content were made and alterations to the design were applied to suit. Final drafts of the completed document were supplied for review and once sign off was complete we arranged for a small quantity of digital copies to be printed. An electronic version was generated for upload to the website.


entX Limited


Clean energy and nuclear medicine technologies


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