AR3 2022-23 Annual and Sustainability Report


About the Project


Project Overview

AR3 is working to secure a sustainable future through an environmentally and socially responsible approach to producing critical rare earth materials for a cleaner energy future. They understand that exploring and developing mineral resources in a sustainable way is essential to their operating and financial success. We are committed to integrating and promoting sustainability into all facets of their business.

LAAD Creative designed and produced a 112 page Annual & Sustainability Report.


The work

LAAD Creative has been working with AR3 since late 2020 on a range of communications and marketing assets, as well as their website with the objective to building brand awareness.

As part of these activities, LAAD Creative worked with entX to design and produce its 2022/23 Annual and SusutainabilityReport. The report’s design is an evolution of the branding style that was developed for the previous Annual Report and Sustainability Report. The project involved intial graphic design concepts, image sourcing and manipulations, layouts, designs and population of supplied content, reports and data to the 112 page report.

The annual report was submitted to the ASX, an eDM was sent to the company shareholders, uploaded to the AR3 website and a limited number of copies were printed.




Rare Earths exploration


Graphic design


Image manipulation